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A TEACHER has made a Remarkably positive DIFFERENCE in your life,Yes?

Then, welcome, you’ve come to the right place. We are sooo Happy and delighted to have you here!

It happened to us,as well…

Two wonderful teachers made everlasting and positive marks on our children’s lives!

Darren and Christine; Our Story.

We were so utterly moved that we were pushed to look for some unique gifts for these teachers before deciding to create some of our own.We are both artists. My husband is a sculptor and I am a part time painter.

So, we put our heads together and made some gifts BUT ,we also decided to help others by making beautiful and thoughtful gifts specifically for teachers.

We are Based in London,United Kingdom and today, we are happy to have served very many happy customers in USA, Canada, the European Union,Australia and some in South America.

Ahem.. Despite the love for photos and art,we are rather camera shy!


Very Delightful and Thoughtful Gift.Your Teacher will feel valued and Appreciated


Your Teacher’s Gift can be a Memorable Keepsake or a Practical everyday-use item that lights up a smile of Satisfaction.


Global Thrive Limited, 128 City Road, EC1V 2NX, London, United Kingdom.


We Only want You to have or Gift what we would be happy with ourselves! Great Value and Quality


1.We create and make only gifts that we ourselves would be be delighted to have.Please let us know in case you need any help with your gift

2.Great Quality and Value for money.

3.Delightful , Insightful and Fun Gifts.

Nothing Complicated.

4. Your Chosen Gift should add value and be a memorable but practical keepsake.